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  • The Confederation shall aim to promote the educational, social and cultural welfare of Indians living in Ireland and shall promote friendship and integration between the people of India and Ireland.

  • The Confederation will make representations on behalf of the Indian Communities as necessary, to public representatives, Government organisations, departments/ministers and authorities in general.

  • The Confederation will seek to influence policies based on the collective views of the Indian/Irish community.

  • The Confederation will help and support member organisations, when requested, at local and national level.

  • The Confederation will liaise, as required, with the Embassy of India in Ireland.

  • The Confederation will provide counselling services in areas of equality, housing, health, education, and for other relevant issues.

  • The Confederation will promote activities that will enhance unity within the Indian community in Ireland.

  • To promote our heritage & Cultural Values

  • Integrating with local communities

  • To support charitable, educational and multicultural events

  • To promote arts, dance & craft classes

  • To provide a library service 

  • To provide a centre for recreational and cultural needs

  • To forge new community partnership

  • To seek government grants and fundraise for community based developments

  • To provide information on job vacancies and self-supporting private enterprises

  • To establish policy based on the collective views of the Indian Irish Communities

  • To help and support member organisation when requested at local and national level

  • To liaise with the Indian Government through the Indian Embassy in Dublin

  • To counselling services in the areas of equality, housing, health, education and for other relevant issues

  • To promote India-Ireland relations and principles of good citizenship

  • Work with member societies /communities to provide help, support, assistance and guidance to new arrivals to Ireland or the Indian communities in general who are in need.

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