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CICI is to facilitate amongst the various Indian organisations to work together as one group on common issues for the benefit of all Indians or people of Indian origin in Ireland. Membership of the CICI is open to all organisations who identify with India or who are of Indian sub-continent origin that are constitutionally structured and incorporated.

If you belong to an organisation, which identifies itself with Indian values, we encourage you to join CICI, so that we can build a strong Indian community in Ireland. By establishing such an organisation with the objective of unifying the Indian origin community in Ireland, the Local, State, Federal and the Indian governments were able to effectively reach out and communicate with the wider Ireland Indian population as a whole.
CICI is currently representing over 30 different Indian organizations in Ireland.


  • The Confederation shall aim to promote the educational, social and cultural welfare of Indians living in Ireland and shall promote friendship and integration between the people of India and Ireland.1.

  • The Confederation will make representations on behalf of the Indian Community asnecessary, to public representatives, Government organisations, departments/ministers and authorities in general

  • The Confederation will establish policy based on the collective views of the Indian/Irish community.

  • The Confederation will help and support member organisations, when requested, at local and national level.

  • The Confederation will liaise, as required, with the Embassy of India in Ireland.

  • The Confederation will provide counselling services in areas of equality, housing,health, education, and for other relevant issues.

  • The Confederation will promote activities that will enhance unity within the Indian community in Ireland.

  • The Confederation will promote Ireland - India relations and principles of good citizenship. 

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